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14 Ways To Make Daily Income With Your Facebook Account

With over 600 Millions of users, Facebook is now the biggest social network, the world has ever seen. Due to the engagement of this huge number of members, entrepreneurs or online marketers can squeeze some profit out of it. Many of you must have come here visiting some other sites written on Facebook Money
Making Ideas. Now, the question is, Is it really possible to make some money on Facebook? or, its just a waste of time to think about it? The easy answer of the question is ‘Yes’, but the money will never come unless you walk through a path designed with plans and schedules.
I myself became interested to write this Hub after I received my first money from Facebook. The amount was not so good, but not so bad yet for the first time. Later, I found out new methods to gain a little more to spend in the coming Summer. After making a quick research, I prepared comparatively a long list showing the ways how to make money on Facebook. So, I thought it would be wise to post it here.
While marketing here on Facebook, the most interesting part is that, if you can even make a penny from six users on Facebook, then in a month you’ll be making millions (according to JohnChow). But it is not definitely an easy job to make the fans united and urge them to buy something you offer. It requires some experiences, thinking and acquintancy with every new features Facebook is adding with its system.
Below, I am going to post you several points which are going to show you how to make some quick and easy money from Facebook. Obviously, these are not the only methods to market but these are quite reliable, interesting and high yielding. And many of them are tested individually to check whether they act really good or not.
Make Money On Facebook

The Ultimate Money Making Ideas From Facebook

Most of the money making points which I will describe below are some applications which are from trusted resources. There will be also some tips about making money on Facebook withAffiliate Marketing, Status Update etc.
1. CafePress: It is a popular online store. You can sell here your designed cups, T-Shirts etc on a regular basis. It allows any kind of product without differentiating it’s a designed product from you or someone else’s one you’re promoting for getting some quick cash. For more, visit the application yourself to grab the money flowing in masses.
2. Ebay: We all know about eBay, so there is nothing to give an intro about it. You can play the eBay game with Facebook now! It is much easy to do, because you have your Facebook Friends, Fans there on Facebook. You can easily tell them about your new products you launched on eBay (such as- diary, crafts,). The interested persons can get notified easily since they’re also on Facebook. It is now a good method to buy/sell among your friends. And not only, that it’s also a good was to make some extra cash :)
If you do not have an account with eBay, there is no wrong with that. You can do it everything without an account just from Facebook. You can also easily add the charity auction with it (that you support).
3. Music Blaster: Have a favorite band or solo artist? Support them with this method. A small music store can also be added on your Facebook. And for every sell you make from, you will be rewarded with 5% of the money.
The other fun part with it is that you can help your favorite artists by giving them more exposure and sales besides making a little money for yourself!
4. e3buy Auction: It is a good platform to auction with your new and used stuffs. You can buy or sell anything according to you wish. On, you’ll be charges a little commission or fee but here nothing is required. You can easily trade your products here with $0 cost.And payment system is better due to its integration with PayPal.
5. Garage Sale: It bills the buyer’s credit card in auto system. You’ll be paid as soon as you ship the item to your buyer. This is a site with comparatively an easy concept to continue with. You can deposit your money in your PayPal account directly for fast receive.
You will need to put this Garage Sale with your profile and make the list of the available products you are ready to sell to your friends or others. You can understand its system as soon as you take a glimpse to its name. The describe the site righteously. It is really a good app to list your products just with 5% commission transmitted to them.
6. Flame Tunes: It is mainly developed for the artists who can get instant popularity by selling their hard-works on Facebook. If you are an artist, you can sell your music here. Nima Khakpour, an Iranian-American established it on ’07.
It can be also used in MySpace for selling Music. And, I personally like its working process.
7. ShopIT: It allows you to add a free store on Facebook, and sell anything of your own personalized choice. It is a Social Commerce Network and it is an easy way to sell your products there.
8. Ether: If can provide good advice to people, then this method will work the best for you. Here, you will need to do nothing but give some advice to people via phone.Ether is a mainly a site, where visitors can pick up advice on different topics by chat or phones but now their Facebook App . is open for all anybody can make some extra money by this.
You can also teach your second language by phone (if you have one, anyway).The rates can be fixed at your desired amount. And the phone number will be provided by Ether.
9. My Merch Store: Don’t you know about Zazzle? It is a site where anyone can create a product and design it according to their own tastes. It it completely free. And the products which are designed can be sold on your Facebook. If you have many Facebook Friends, then your friends might become interested to buy small products, such as- picnic caps. There is also no problem if you want to promote others’ products rather than designing yourself. You can receive good commission yourself and thus it is a good way to make some extra cash.
10. Lemonade: This method is a bit tricky, so I do not use it myself. Yet, some people say it is a good way to make some money. It is much similar to the lemonade stand which you set up in your community. Now, in the digital community of Facebook you’ll need to combine the commnity and commerce. It is free to add the products which are to be sold in the lemonade stand, so it is worth of trying!
11. Radical Buy: It is much similar to eBay. But nowadays some problems can be seen in the working process of Radical Buy. So, I suggest you not to use it currently. It is a unique app. Now anyone can sell your product in this app. receiving a little commission from you. So, your life became easier! You can have a try with it.

Money Making Guides

 Affiliate Marketing With Facebook

Affiliate Marketing

12. Facebook Affiliate Marketing:Create a Page on Facebook about on any topic you are fascinated about. It can be on Tattos, Books, Music etc. Then try to gain some quick fans. In the beginning suggest your friends to join the Page which you’ve created. Do some article marketing and provide useful tips related to your focused topic on which you’ve created the page.Paste your page link below the article and tell your readers to visit the link for additional details about the product.
Generally, your Page’s link will be very long. You can easily shorten it by visiting Put a meaningful name there to attract the attention of the people. And also keep it as short as it is possible.
Also give some value to your fans on a weekly basis. You collect new tips and provide it by the status bar in your Facebook Page, so that your fans can be notified easily.But please never SPAM. It will totally damage your online credibility.
As soon you have a minimum of 1K or one thousand fans, you can pick a product from, relevant to your niche or topic to promote. But do not over promote. Put it once or twice a month.
It is not that easy to follow this method, yet if you try with your heart to gain more fans then you can easily expect two figure money on a monthly basis. For more tips about his, I suggest you to visit my another hub- Make Money on Facebook With Affilate Marketing.
13. Facebook Groups: It is also based on the same technique used for facebook pages. Just gather more members for your group. Make it interesting and promote your product to make some extra money by affiliate marketing.

More Methods

14. Facebook Application Development: Did you ever think why people love to sit all day long in front of his computer visiting Facebook? Because of its Games and Applications. If you have some coding skills, then you can take this chance. Some developers are even making five thousand Dollars a day from this system.
Though it requires time, energy, investment, people-involvement to make a full time income from this system, but it is a good and reliable one to make some good money from.You can keep as many ads as you want in your application, so you can make more.
The people on Facebook always search for new applications which can satisfy their interest. They use them and also invite their friends to do so. So, it can give you instant popularity if you can really do some good development.
This method can be very nice for the students who search for freelancing jobs. They can work together and develop the applications to earn a lot of money. But it also need some promotion or marketing skills, so read here- How To Promote Your Facebook App. (linking out of hubpages).

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