Monday, April 20, 2015

ከ 100 በላይ የ አይ ሲ ሲ አሸባሪዎችን የገደለች የኩርዲስታን ተዋጊ ጀግና - This Female Kurdish Fighter Has Killed 100 ISIS Militants In Battle SHARE SHARE SHARE

A Kurdish woman known only as Rehana is said to have taken the lives of more than 100 members of the Islamic State.
The unbelievable accomplishment was hailed in a tweet sent by journalist Pawan Durani two days ago, saying the killings had been carried out while Kurds defended the Syrian city of Kobane.
The International Business Times reports, however, that several sources have stated the woman was captured and executed.
A photo that claims to show her decapitated body is reportedly in circulation.
But, like her 100 killings, Rehana’s death has yet to be confirmed.
The war heroine along with many other brave females belong to the independent Kurdish militia, Women Protection Units.
They fight on the front line with their male colleagues and make up 7,000 to 10,000 of Syrian Kurds battling against the Islamic State.

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