Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Tomb of Gebre Meskel

Atsie Gebre Meskel was the son of Kaleb. He succeeded his father, and reigned from 534 to 554 AD. Atsie Gebre Meskel was a friend of Abune Aregawi (Zemichael) of Debre Damo and, as a result, constructed the Church of St.Mary at this monastery. During the dedication of this church, the great musician St.Yared sang with his sistra and drum. Meanwhile, a legend says Atsie Gebre Meskel was so absorbed by the sweet chanting of the saint that he did not notice that his spear had pierced the saint’s foot.
    Nineteen steps down from west to east, beside his father’s tomb, Atsie Gebre Meskel prepared five rooms for his own tomb. One stone is engraved with a cross. The tomb was unknown until 1906, when the German expedition group recorded its details.
Both the tombs of Kaleb and Gebre Meskel are located in front of Biete Giorgis and Debre Makda. Its boundaries are the hills of Adwa and Agame to the east, the Eritrean hills to the north, and Lasta to the south near the ancient city of Aksum.

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