Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Biete Giorgis (Debra Makda)

Legends tell that the age of Aksum is about 5400 years. Archaeological excavations of the past 90 years have not yet located the earliest site of the town but they have revealed relics. Underground granite tombs were found in Biete Giorgis in 1993 , particularly in a place called Amba Midir. Some ancient Aksumite books have noted that Amba Midir was called ‘Amba Debre Makda’ before the entry of Christianity. It was during the Christian era that the name was changed to Biete Giorgis. It is a 45 minute walk, or 5 minutes drive from Aksum.

It is now believed that the first city of Aksum was located here, due to recent discoveries of the dilapidated palaces of many kings, ancient royal tombs at Ona Enda Aboy Zewge, and the relics from Biete Giorgis dating to the 6th century BC. A cross and other sculptured relics were recovered in 1982 and are now housed in the Aksum Museum.
A cemetery almost 10 hectares in size was found at the place called ona Enda Aboy Zewge. Archaeological investigations round this area have also revealed some 3000 sepulchral monuments erected in memory of the dead, together with 32 statues, which seem to be of local origin, and a sepulcher measuring some 60x60 cms near the cemetery.
A natural stone monument some 9mts in length and 3mts in width was discovered together with iron, bronze, diamonds and other ornaments. These are housed in Aksum Museum at present.
Above all, the ruined palace of Una Nekest, called Nebre, is also expected to contain many relics, as the legend states it was a great palace in ancient times. Although archaeological excavations have not yet been conducted, many ancient Aksumite coins, ornaments and jewelry’s have accidentally been recovered there.
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