Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Facts About Shaving

 1. Black people have more body hair than Asians, but whites have more than blacks.
2. 0.35 millimeters a day or 1 centimeter per month is the rate at which human hair grows.
3. Shaving, tweezing or waxing does not cause hair to grow back thicker or fuller.
4. Religious convictions account for 7% of all men who don't shave.
5. Your hair grows in response to individual biochemistry and hormones. Heredity, genes, race, medications taken, physical and mental stress, and diet influence these hormones.
6. Your skin is subject to changes in its resiliency and thickness because of temperature, humidity, diet and stress. This can affect shaving.
7. A person’s face is composed of an outermost layer of skin that is primarily made up of dead skin cell.
8. While shaving, a person removes about as much skin as hair.
9. In general a person produces new skin cells every 10 to 20 days.
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10.    When saturated with water, the strength of a single strand of hair is approximately one third to one half less than the strength of dry hair, making it much easier to shave.
11.    The average person has about 615 hairs per square centimeter.
12.    Men’s facial hair grows at a rate of approximately half an inch per month (6 inches per year).
13.    The average man’s face contains anywhere from 5,000 to 25,000 whiskers.
14.    Most shaving accidents are caused by using dull and/or dirty razor blades, insufficient preparation of the skin and hair before shaving, and using inappropriate equipment and products
15.    Facial hair growth rate varies with each man and it even differs with each area on a man’s face.
16.    Due to a decrease in body fluids in the morning, you should try to avoid shaving first thing when you wake-up.
17.    Alexander the Great observed that beards could be easily grabbed by the enemy during battle and insisted his troops fight with clean-shaven faces.
18.    1.3 billion of the men in the world shave with a blade and razor.
19.    When a person shaves while his or her skin is wet, these dead skin cells are removed.
20.    Ancient Egyptian barbers regularly shaved their clients with razors and pumice stones, as a beard was considered an indication of personal neglect.
21.    The straight cut-throat blade was introduced in the Middle Ages.
22.    Peter the Great of Russia imposed a tax on beards, which was collected at every town gate.
23.    Body hair usually grows out from an individual’s skin at a 30 to 60 degree angle.
24.    The world's oldest existing barber's is Truefitt and Hill in St James'Street, London, which opened in 1805.
25.    Just 1 per cent of men enjoy their daily shave, with 99 per cent regarding it as an annoying chore.
26.    Hair grows faster during the day than at night.
27.    The ideal shave angle (razor blade meeting the face) is 28-32 degrees.
28.    Hair on the neck grows parallel to the skin.
29.    The majority of men, 84%, shave at the sink. Another 15% of men shave in the shower.
30.    The average man begins to shave regularly when he begins to work regularly.
31.    1680 is the year in which the first narrow-bladed folding straight razor was introduced.
32.    The Pharaohs of Egypt probably liked a good shave every now and then, of course using nothing less than the best made from gold and silver. Archeologists have found razor relics that date back as far as the fourth century.
33.    Archeologists believe that caveman used clams and shark teeth to shave with, 20,000 years ago-in the Stone Age!
34.    The Reason Fidel Castro originally grew his beard is because his supply of Gillette Blades was cut off.
35.    Some archeologists think that many warriors shaved their heads before battles so opponents didn’t have any hair to pull … maybe they were discouraging the practice of scalping?
36.    Shave gels weren’t even thought of until the 1970’s.
37.    It is false that human hair continues to grow after death.
38.    5 million is the number of hair follicles covering the human body.

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