Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Google has dedicated its home page for the 81st birthday of Abebe Bikila

When you see a cartoon of a runner on the Google home page today, don’t ignore it. It is someone you well know. Someone Ethiopia is always proud of.
Google has dedicated its front Page for Abebe Bikila’s 81st birthday. It was on August 7, 1932 the barefoot runner was born.

While trying to access every one will come across a cartoon of the two times marathon champion close to the finishing line on the track.
The picture is linked to various online resources with information, videos and pictures of the athlete. Abebe won two gold medals in the 1960 Rome Marathon and Tokyo 1964.
Ethiopia has become well known in athletics since then. A lot of great runners has followed his foot stape and won a lot of medals not only for the nation but also for the entire continent, Africa.
Google dedicates its home page for commemorating the birthday of influential and famous people of the world, every day.

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